Checkweigher Systems

High-Mark Systems: Checkweigher Systems for Quality Assurance 

Why Checkweigher Systems?

There are many benefits to using a checkweigher for packaged food including: 

  • Improved accuracy: Checkweighers can weigh products with a high degree of accuracy, typically to within a few grams. This helps to ensure that products are meeting the required weight specifications and that consumers are getting the product they paid for. 

  • Reduced waste: By rejecting underweight or overweight products, checkweighers can help to reduce waste and save money. This is especially important for high-value products. 

  • Increased compliance: Checkweighers can help food and beverage companies to comply with government regulations and industry standards. For example, in the United States, cheese manufacturers are required to meet certain weight accuracy standards. 

  • Improved efficiency: Checkweighers can help to improve the efficiency of production lines by automating the weighing and rejection process. This frees up employees to focus on other tasks. 

  • Limit product recalls: Check weighers can identify a deficit in weight which could indicate a foreign object in the food.  

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    Checkweigher Systems


    Durable Checkweigher Handles Diverse Products with Ease

    This checkweigher stands out with its exceptional precision and speed, making it ideal for quality control processes where accuracy and efficiency are paramount. It accurately measures products between 2 and 300 grams with a remarkably high resolution of 0.01 grams and an accuracy of ±0.05 grams, depending on the product. Its remarkable checking speed of up to 200 pieces per minute (also product-dependent) can significantly enhance productivity.

    Checkweigher HMS-100


    Precise Weight Control for Efficient Quality Assurance

    This checkweigher offers precise weight control for products between 2 and 500 grams, ensuring accurate and efficient quality assurance in various production environments. It delivers a minimum scale of 0.1 grams and an accuracy of ±0.1 grams, depending on the product. Its impressive checking speed of up to 150 pieces per minute (also product-dependent) ensures smooth workflow. The machine accommodates products measuring up to 8.0 inches in length, 6.0 inches in width, and 4.0 inches in height, making it versatile for a range of packaging needs.


    Heavy-duty checkweigher handles large products

    This heavy-duty checkweigher tackles larger products and maintains efficient speed, making it ideal for quality control in various industries. It accurately weighs products between 5 and 1500 grams with a minimum scale of 0.1 grams and an accuracy of ±0.2 grams (product-dependent). Its checking speed reaches up to 100 pieces per minute, ensuring a smooth workflow.

    Checkweigher HMS-220


    Industrial Checkweigher that Can Withstand the Roughest Environments

    Imagine a sleek, stainless steel sentinel standing guard over your production line, ensuring every product meets precise weight standards. This steadfast checkweigher has a versatile weighing range from a delicate 5 grams to a substantial 5000 grams, with an impressive accuracy of ±0.5-1 grams for precision. It handles up to 80 products per minute, meticulously assessing each one as it glides along the 30-inch conveyor belt.


    Versatile and heavy-duty precisely controls product weight from tiny grams to hefty kilos.

    Envision a checkweigher that seamlessly blends precision, versatility, and resilience. This robust machine effortlessly handles products ranging from a mere 0.02 kilograms to an impressive 30 kilograms, with an accuracy of ±0.5-10 grams to ensure unwavering consistency. It meticulously inspects up to 40 products per minute, vigilantly maintaining quality control as they move along its 30-inch conveyor belt.

    Checkweigher HMS-450

    Checkweigher with Metal Detector Systems


    High-Tech Checkweigher Built for Precision and Efficiency

    The SG-JS150 checkweigher is a marvel of engineering, designed for meticulous product inspection in food, pharmaceutical, and other industries. Its compact footprint, built with a full 304 stainless steel construction, boasts a 150mm x 150mm detection area, making it ideal for both small and medium-sized packages


    A Powerful and Precise Inspection Solution

    The SG-M300 checkweigher is a versatile and reliable solution for businesses demanding accuracy, speed, and durability in their product inspection process. It is a top-of-the-line inspection machine designed for accuracy, efficiency, and durability in demanding production environments. Its robust construction, featuring SUS stainless steel (304), ensures long-lasting performance and easy cleaning.

    Checkweigher HMS-M400

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