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High-Mark Systems: Vision Systems for Quality Assurance 

Why Vision Systems? 

  • Identify defects efficiently: Our vision systems can quickly and accurately identify defects in parts, labels, and packages. 
  • Verify and collect data: We can verify the quality of your products and collect data to track and trace your production process. 
  • Provide quality-related information: We can provide you with quality-related information, such as the number of defects, the location of defects, and the severity of defects. 
  • Integrate into existing processes: Our vision systems can be easily integrated into your existing processes. 
  • Serve a variety of industries: We serve a variety of industries, including food and beverage, medical devices, automotive, electronics, and general manufacturing. 

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High-Mark Data Pro 2

The industrial high-performer 

The 9900 series is a packaging verification system engineered for rapid bar code scanning. With it being our model designed for the highest inspection speed at up to 1400 inspections a minute, the 9900 series will be able to accomplish any tasks in record time. Additionally, The 9900 series offers a 3.5″ LCD touch display, and with its easy to use interface, the High-Mark bar code scanner can be easily integrated into any production environment no matter how extreme.

data pro 2 auto id vision system

Hitachi Vision System MC-20S

HITACHI original adjustable matching method is optimally suited for inkjet printers. The MC-20 is unique in that it only does OCV inspection on the printing so it is designed exclusively for verifying printing and what characters were actually printed.

High-Mark Data Pro 6

Multi-Camera Industrial High Performer

The Data Pro 6 is a full standing model that’s about 4′ tall. Additionally, as the most advanced and feature rich scanner, it offers a wide array of customizability and functions to meet a variety of production needs. The Data Pro 6 is our finest model that with 6 separate cameras allows for full 360° scanning of intricately shaped objects. As with all our other scanners it also has a force rejection system, and with its visual on-screen indicators, missed bar-code reads and defective items are easily identifiable. 

Close up of Data Pro lite display with identifying pictures

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