Packaging Verification Systems

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High-Mark Systems Packaging Verification Systems

High-Mark Systems provides a simple and reliable solution to your Packaging and Part Marking Verification needs. Our standard offerings are configured to meet the demand for critical packaging, and we can customize our systems to meet your specific requirements. 

Our Packaging Verification Systems are designed to: 

  • Provide 100% product inspection to packaging production lines. Each product is individually inspected for correct packaging in order to prevent mispackaging. This is especially critical when allergens are present in the content.  
  • When products are. Presented and cannot be confirmed as a match to the current packaging material, it can be individually removed from the production line.  
  • When a package is identified as the wrong package, the system will signal the production to stop for the removal of the mispackaged product.  
  • Record all events in real time.  
  • Store images of events for future review 
  • Add a level of security to require a scan of an employee badge for access with an option to record for accountability.  
  • Maximize efficiency: Our systems are designed to maximize efficiency by minimizing downtime and labor costs. Our conveyors and sorters are designed to work together seamlessly, and our systems are easy to operate and maintain. 
  • Reduce labor and maintenance costs: Our Packaging Verification Systems are designed to reduce labor and maintenance costs by automating tasks that would otherwise be done manually. Our conveyors and sorters are also designed to be easy to maintain, so you can keep your systems running smoothly and efficiently. 

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient solution for your Packaging and Part Marking Verification needs, contact High-Mark Systems today. We will work with you to design a system that meets your specific requirements and helps you achieve your business goals. 

These automated systems are custom designed to meet your needs of sorting and conveying specific products and packaging materials to maximize efficiency.

Conveyors, sorters, and other components are designed to work together and meet specified speed rates and product handling requirements to reduce labor and maintenance costs.

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FAQs When Configuring a BarCode Verification/Packaging System 

Determine the scanner:

Q. What are the Verification Systems compatible with? 

A. Verification systems are compatible with UPC, Data Matrix, Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 39, Code 128, and more

Q. How many products per minute can our systems verify?

A. Options for reading up to 1000 products per minute

Q. Can your verifications systems read ladder or picket fence barcodes and does it vary?  

A. Options for verification systems that can read either and both variations. 

Q. What environmental conditions can your Verification System be used in?  

A. Options for verification systems that can be used in wet, dusty, and in high or low temperatures.

Q.  Can your Verifications Systems consistantly read barcodes that are not in a consistant position?

A. Options for verification systems that are available to read barcodes and identify them in any position.

Determine the controller:  

Q. What type of communications do your systems use? 

A.  RS-232 or Ethernet

Q. Can your systems handle more than one inspection?  

A. Our verification systems can read more than one barcode and also side/top barcode combinations.

Q. Do your systems have security features?  

A. All verification systems have optional RFID badge reader capabilities.

Q. Do you have systems that offer imager display screens?  

A. Color picture display options are available. 

Q. Is POE (Power Over Ethernet) available? 

A. Yes

Q. What are the different Teach options available?  

A. Next barcode scanned, hand scanner teach, select from a database, remote teach via ethernet, remote signal for next scan teach. 

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