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ScanSKU® developed Rugged Android Barcode Scanners and User-Focused Android Applications. Our Scanners and Applications can be used by anyone with limited tech experience, in environments such as Retail, Transport, Logistics, and Asset Management.


1D scans linear barcodes (common barcodes with vertical lines) whereas, the 1D &2D scanner scans those, plus QR codes, which are the square barcodes that are less commonly used 

After continuous use for 8 hours, the battery will go from 100% to approx. 20%. Screen brightness and which apps are in use will impact this. 

When you receive your hardware, there will be instructions for accessing the downloads portal.

If you lose this information and wish to download the SDK please contact us after purchase and we can provide access to the download.

Please note: to be able to see the scanner in platforms such as Android Studio you will need to enable USB debugging. See instructions in the faq for the steps to do this 

No, the barcode scanners come with a USB charger. The dock/cradle is an optional extra, which allows you to charge a barcode scanner and a spare battery at the same time. 

Remove the battery from the back of the Device. Look for the clear plastic tag covering the battery terminals, and peel this tag off.

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