Hitachi UX2 Printer Advantages 

Hitachi UX2 Printer Advantages  The Hitachi UX2 printer is a high-performance continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer that offers several advantages over other printers on the market. We can help with Industrial Marking and Identification Systems information!  ...
What is the Co-Pilot 128

What is the Co-Pilot 128

Co-Pilot 128  Squid Ink CoPilot Hi-Resolution Printing System  The Squid Ink Co-Pilot 128 uses proven Xaar piezo technology to print up to 0.7 inches of high-resolution characters. Hence, with razor-sharp text, scannable barcodes, and great-looking logos at...

What is Piezo Printing Technology? 

What is Piezo Printing Technology?  Piezo printing technology is a type of inkjet printing that uses piezoelectric crystals to control the release of ink onto a substrate. The crystals are deformed by an electric current, which causes them to expand and also...

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