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Packaging Verification System

Entire Data Pro system on custom labeler for barcode reading and printing

High-Mark Systems is able to provide a simple solution to your barcode reading system needs. With 4 options of customizable products that can meet the demand of critical packaging, we can ensure you get the right Packaging Verification Systems for your product line.

These automated systems are custom designed to meet the needs of sorting and conveying specific products and packaging materials to maximize efficiency.

Conveyors, sorters, and other components are designed to work together and meet specified speed rates and product handling requirements to reduce labor and maintenance costs.

FAQs When Configuring a BarCode Verification/Packaging System 

Determine the scanner:

Q. What is the symbology? 

A. Verification systems are compatible with UPC, Data Matrix, Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 39, Code 128, and more

Q. How many products per minute are on your production line?

A. Options for reading up to 1000 products per minute

Q. What orientation is the bar code (ladder or picket fence) and does it vary?  

A. Options for verification systems that can read either and both variations. 

Q.What is the size of the narrow bar in the bar code?  A UPC code at 100% is specified at 13 mils.  

A. Options for verification systems that can read any and all variations. 

Q.What are environmental considerations?  

A. Options for verification systems that can be used in wet, dusty, and in high or low temperatures.

Q.Is the bar code consistently in the same position on one product to another?  

A. Options for verification systems that are available to read barcodes and identify them in any position.

Determine the controller:  

Q. Does the scanner communicate RS-232 or Ethernet?  

A. Options for verification systems that  are compatible with either option

Q. Is there more than one inspection?  

A. Options for verification systems that can read more than one barcode and also side/top barcode combinations.

Q. Is there a need for ID badge readers to enable/disable portions of the functionality of the system?  

A. All verification systems have the option to have only authorized personnel restart the system after a fault is detected. 

Q. If an imager is used is there a need to display images on the screen?  

A. Color picture display options are available. 

Q. If Ethernet is used is there a benefit to using POE (Power Over Ethernet)? 

A. One or two cable options are available.

Q. What is the method required for Teach?  Manual, Scan of ID Badge, RS-232 or Ethernet string.

A. Preset match codes from the database are available for less human error with manual options.

9900 Packaging verification systems for barcode scanning

To Determine Options, answer the below:

Q. How many products/minute?

A. What is your production speed?

Q. How will the inspection be triggered?

A. With Trigger photo-eye?

A. Do you need an option for a machine cycle signal?

Q. Is a reject mechanism required? 

A. On film lines, a reject is typically not used.

A. On lines that run less than 60 products/minute, a reject is typically not used. 

Q. If a reject is required, what is the size of the product?

A. Determine if air or manual push is needed

Q. Is the product going to be rejected at the point of inspection? 

A. Determine if reject will be pushed or line will stop when reject is identified.

Q. If the product is to be rejected downstream can an encoder be mounted to the production line?

A. The signal is based on the speed of the track


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