What are some checkweigher basics? Checkweighers are machines that automatically check the weight of packaged foods.

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Checkweigher Basics 

What are check weighers? 

Checkweighers basics: They are machines that automatically check the weight of packaged foods. They are used in the food packaging industry to ensure that the weight of a package is within specified limits. This quality control check helps to meet legislative requirements and also promote customer satisfaction.  

Checkweighers are often called conveyor belt scales. They are inline systems that measure the weight of raw materials, ingredients, or packaged products as they pass through a production line. They weigh 100% of the items on a production line.  

Checkweighers classify items by preset weight zones and eject or sort the items based on their classification. If a package’s weight is outside acceptable limits, a reject or alarm system is activated.  

Checkweighers can also be used for:  

  • Counting weight-based items. 
  • Checking the density or volume of mixtures 
  • Also with weighing items that have varying weights. 
  • Lastly, check for missing instructions or leaflets 

A checkweigher weighs every product in motion. It classifies, counts and also rejects products that are off specs. Which also helps you meet throughput and legal requirements with reliable weight control.

What is the purpose of a check weigher? 

A checkweigher is an automatic or manual machine for checking the weight of packaged commodities. It is normally found at the end of a production process and is used to ensure that the weight of a pack of the commodity is within specified limits. 

What are Checkweighers in the food industry? 

Checkweighers are used to automatically check the weight of packaged foods. Thus ensuring the weight of the packs is within specified limits. This quality control check promotes customer satisfaction and also helps you meet the strictest legislative requirements. 

Most checkweigher will feature a monitor or indicator that shows the weight reading. It will include the following: 

  • A reject belt that will move under or overweight products away from the rest of your line to prevent below-standard items from being processed 
  • Also includes a weight belt, mounted onto a load cell to weigh your product 
  • Lastly, an infeed belt that controls the speed or also the distance between batches ahead of weighing 

What is a check weighing scale? 

A checkweigher, or a scale with check weighing functions, is a static or in-motion scale primarily used to ensure that the items being weighed are within a specific acceptable weight range. Also, if the item is outside of that weight range (either under or over), it is usually taken out of the production line to be adjusted. 

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