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Industrial Marking

Ink Varieties

Small Character - CIJ technology meets the demand of high speed and fast dry ink. It is also suitable for a wide variety of substrates and is suitable for printing bar codes and logos.


Large Character - DOD technology offers a rugged and reliable way to print information on many industrial substrates including lumber, steel, plastics, fiberglass and a variety of package substrates.


High-Resolution - TIJ and Piezo technology offer the ability to print text, barcodes, and graphics over a large area on a package or substrate with resolution up to 600 dpi.  

Non-porous - fast dry solvent based inks offer good adhesion to almost any substrate.


Porous - Environmentally friendly water, glycol, and oil based inks offer low maintenance for printing on porous surfaces.


UV Curable - UV curable inks offer a safe and low maitenance ink that will adhere to virtually any substrate when cured with a UV lamp.

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