Meet label requirements and ensure consumer safety 

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Do you struggle with downtime related to Packaging Verification Systems equipment and processes?  We will share information and success stories about how you can use Industrial Marking and Identification Systems to focus your energy and efforts on the efficiency of the business. We have insights from industry experts and our partners on the various equipment and technologies available to simplify your challenges. 

Solutions and options covered will include: 

  • Primary package markings 
  • Secondary package markings 
  • Primary Barcode Identification 
  • Secondary Barcode Identification 
  • Turnkey Solutions for offline printing 
  • Printer replacements 
  • Multiple different material marking 

Meet label requirements and ensure consumer safety 

Date/Lot Code Inspection: Ensuring Safety and Traceability

Date and lot codes, along with batch codes and expiration dates, are the unsung heroes of the food and beverage industry. These seemingly simple markings play a critical role in:

  • Consumer Safety: By identifying the production date and batch, these codes allow manufacturers to pinpoint the source of any potential contamination or quality issues. This enables swift product recalls, protecting consumers from harm.
  • Labeling Compliance: Regulations mandate the presence of date and lot codes on food and beverage products. Proper inspection ensures compliance and avoids fines or product removal from shelves.
  • Traceability: Date and lot codes provide a vital link in the product lifecycle. In case of concerns, these codes allow manufacturers to track the movement of a specific batch through the entire supply chain, facilitating targeted interventions.

The Challenge of Code Verification:

While crucial, date and lot codes can be susceptible to errors during the high-speed production process. Codes might be:

  • Missing: A missing code renders a product untraceable, posing a safety risk and hindering recall efforts.
  • Incorrectly Printed: Blurred, smudged, or poorly etched codes can be difficult for consumers and even automated systems to read. This creates confusion and delays product identification.
  • Deformed or Skewed: Uneven surfaces or printing inconsistencies can distort the code, making accurate reading a challenge.

Ensuring Accuracy with Optical Character Verification (OCV):

High Mark Systems offers Data Pro technology, a powerful tool that utilizes Optical Character Verification (OCV) to address these challenges. Data Pro can:

  • Detect Presence or Absence: The system ensures every product carries the necessary code, preventing untraceable items from reaching consumers.
  • Verify Code Accuracy: Data Pro goes beyond simple presence verification. It meticulously reads the code, confirming the correct sequence of numbers and letters.
  • Handle Complex Codes: Our solutions extend beyond standard printed codes. We can develop custom systems to handle challenging formats like laser-engraved, dot peen, or chemically etched codes (DPM text).
  • Decipher Imperfections: Data Pro’s advanced algorithms are adept at deciphering even deformed, skewed, or poorly etched characters. This ensures accurate reading even in high-speed production environments.
  • Pre-Trained for Efficiency: The system employs a pre-trained, omni-font library. This eliminates the need for complex programming or font training, maximizing efficiency and minimizing setup time.


Date and lot code inspection is an essential step in ensuring food and beverage safety and regulatory compliance. High Mark Systems’ Data Pro technology, powered by OCV, offers a robust and reliable solution for verifying code presence and accuracy. With Data Pro, manufacturers can achieve peace of mind, knowing their products are properly labeled and traceable, ultimately protecting consumers and their brand reputation.

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