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High-Mark 9900 Series

The affordable high-performer

The 9900 series is a packaging verification system engineered for rapid bar code scanning. With it being our model designed for the highest inspection speed at up to 1400 inspections a minute, the 9900 series will be able to accomplish any tasks in record time. Additionally, The 9900 series offers a 3.5″ LCD touch display, and with its easy to use interface, the High-Mark bar code scanner can be easily integrated into any production environment no matter how extreme.

Inspection Speed- Single Inspection up to 1400/min
Eclosure- 304SS
- IP65
- 9.5”x 10”x 5.5”w/ sloped top
Operator Interface- 3.5”Touch LCD
- Resolution 320x240
Teach Method- Manual Button
- Ethernet String
- Database
Communications- RS-232
- One ethernet port that allow connection to scanners, cameras, and host networks.
Power Supply- 100-240VAC, 50/60 HZ, 0.8A MAX/24 VDC 50W
Inputs- Trigger 10-24VDC selectable (NPN/PNP)
- Encoder 10-24VDC selectable (NPN)
- RFID or ID badge scan input for security
Outputs- Stack light (4) 24VDC NPN signals - Machine relay interface, 4A 125VAC (2A 24VDC) dry contact
- Reject mechanism interface, 4A 125VAC (2A 24VDC) dry contact
- Auxiliary interface, 4A 125VAC (2A 24VDC) dry contact
- Positive data detection per trigger – detects faulty scanners by confirming that the data was received
Electronics- Solid state surface mount circuit board
ID/MV Device Interface- (1-2) 24VDC AUTO ID device serial connection
- Supports most AUTO ID
- (1-2) 24VDC Devices with ETHERNET
- Support most major manufactures
Approvals/Listings- UL listed Industrial Control Panel
Display Features- Current code
- Last code
- History report

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